Club kit approved

Great news, the club vests samples have been produced by the printers.

The EA approved club artwork and vest look AMAZING and once you join the club you can actually buy one from the Members area .

This is a terrible photo of what they look like. This is the ladies vest modelled by a lady woman. In order to see what the men's vest looks like, simply glue a picture of David Hellard's face over your screen.

What we are saying is they look the same. The only difference is the mens one doesn't have the racing back.

There is one design.

It is this.

No, we don't do t-shirts or non-tech shirts or hoodies or puffa jackets. This is literally all we have for now.

Remember kids, these tops are for club members only so if you want one sign up and join the gang!

If you want one of those common red jobbies, jog on to the Bad Boy Running merch page.

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