We’re Alive!

We know, we never thought this would happen but here we are! We are live and kicking as a proper EA affiliated club and taking new members. Thank you for being part of it.

We thought that we would do a quick news post addressing questions that you will probably ask us anyway so we can smugly/passive aggressively point you back to here or to the FAQ section. That’s a fun way of doing things isn’t it?

There are 4 levels of membership and each come with special things you will get in the post. The levels are

Social non-affiliated - £15

Affiliated - £30

Legendary Affiliated incl. club vest- £50

Legendary non-Affiliated incl. club vest - £40

The fees are payable annually and we use paypal to get your money.

Now the complicated bit. EA Membership runs from April year to year, in-line with the England Athletics membership calendar. If you are already registered with England Athletics and would like to transfer your 'first claim' affiliation to us you will need to login to your myATHLETICS portal and from there start the Club Transfer process. Second claim members should join as Social Members or Legendary Non Affiliated and let our Membership Secretary know.

Because of the silly EA rules, we don’t want you feeling ripped off. SO if you register as affiliated BEFORE April 2020, you won’t BE affiliated UNTIL April 2020. That means you get a full years worth of affiliation instead of just a few months. If you want to be affiliated NOW we’re afraid that you have to pay and extra £16 (£15 for the registration PLUS £1 admin fee) and we can affiliate you for the remainder of the 2019-2020 year. We feel this is the fairest way to do it.

The membership levels relate to how much stuff you get and how nice you are as a person. We won’t be telling you what merch you get here because we like surprises but believe us when we say it’s pretty good stuff. Legendary members have a club vest included in their membership, but they will only get this once - the first time they join. In following years they will get something limited edition and just as rad in the post.

Where does my membership money go, we hear you cry? It all goes back into making the club work, paying for merch, storage, EA fees and distribution. We are hoping to arrange some meetups and socials and we need to fund these too. This is a not-for-profit club.

How long will I have to wait for my merch? How long’s a piece of string? Joke. Sort of. It takes a while to get it all made, but we would recommend giving it 6 weeks from joining to receive your pack.

Can I get a vest if I’m not a member? No. Don’t be stupid.

How do I find out more about regional reps/meet ups? We would recommend that you joining the BBR Podcast group on facebook if you’re not already a member – there you can find like-minded people in your area by simply asking “are there any like-minded people in my area?” We will be taking on regional reps as we go along and will have a list of them on the website eventually. It all takes time to please be patient. If YOU would like to be a regional rep then email us here and we will be in touch.

Got anymore questions? Then email us here.

Happy running!

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