Queen Run

We are not the champions

Our last Club Challenge for April made it temporarily acceptable to come out and say "I want to ride my bicycle".

Yes, the hotly anticipated Queen Run saw Do-Badders performing acts of madness, ticking off references to Queen during a run.


The brief:
- Find / do as many of the below as possible & take photos to prove it. Kudos points for working out what the connection to Queen is! Name your Strava with Queen Run!
A prison or any reference to one
You holding/pointing to a map
An opticians
A stop sign
You kissing your car
Covertly try & race a cyclist!
A hippy shop
Find a big rock & try to push it!


Bonus points for:

Queen in the road/building/shop name
Any reference to Mercury
Finishing your run singing We Are The Champions very loudly!
Club members did not disappoint (apart from the singing which was appropriately dreadful), and went to all sorts of extremes to step up to the challenge.

Our regional rep group are working on a list of themed club runs / challenges to keep up the fun factor on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the BBRC facebook page for your next mission.

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