A Feat on Feet

A Feat on Feet

Our very own Laurence Baldwin apparently did some sort of race. He kept it very quiet and he didn't tell us anything about it. He didn't do a BBRC Facebook Live with Lorna, which you absolutely cannot find by clicking on the (admittedly joyful) image below:

Laurence has kindly given us an insight (well, actually it's more of a sinister reverse foot strip tease) into the question he is most frequently asked about the Spine Race:

"The most common question I get is about socks and footwear.

Here is my combination:
- Injinji Medium Weight Trail Socks
- Sealskinz Waterproof Warm Weather Mid-Length Sock
- Decathlon Kiprun Warm Rain Running tights (ankle zip is important).
- Saucony Peregrine ST (Special mud version of Peregrine).

Congrats on a wonderful achievement, Laurence (well for the Spine Race anyway, not for putting your shoes and socks on..)


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