Progressive / Progression Run

A simple progression/progressive run!
Instead of running to pace let's see some run to effort.
Distance is up to you, base it on where you are with your running. We'll be splitting the run into thirds so make sure you can run the final section for the time you're targeting.
Simply run a third easy, a third steady and a third at tempo.
Don't forget a short cool down rather than stopping dead!
For example:
I'm going for a 30 minutes run as that fits in with my limited time but also I'm don't want to run more than 10 minutes at tempo effort 🤢
Running to effort:
There's lots of ways to do this.
Three I'm recommending are; by heart rate, by feel and by breath to stride ratio.
My preference, and what I'd love everyone to try is the latter.
Pacing by breath to stride ratio:
The harder you run the faster you need to breathe so you can use how many steps you take when breathing out to set the effort you run at.
Study's show that when we breathe out the ground impact is higher so start to count on alternate sides. Zones/efforts as follows:
Easy effort. When you start to breathe out count three steps then breathe in, due to it taking longer to breathe in than out there will naturally be one stride more on the out breath than in.
When you come to breathe out again start as the other leg hits the ground and repeat (4 in 3 out)
Moderate effort. As above but for two steps out (3 in 2 out)
Hard efforts. As above but for one step out (2 in 1 out).

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