Tempo Intervals

This week's Training Sessions!
Intervals at race effort/pace.
Run to effort above comfortable, by pace at least the pace of your target race, or by heart rate to tempo.
Really important thing is to ease into the pace and do it without an abrupt start or stop (thinking of you John Ghent re the chat in the poddy group)
10 x 500m:
Warm up
3 X 500m effort with 30 seconds active rest
90 seconds rest
4 X 500m again
90 seconds rest
3 X 500m with 30 secs rest
Cool down
Total efforts should be 5k (if I can add up)
Active rest is gentle running and focus on running lightly, supple and relaxed.
You may have listened to the latest podcast episode on running psychology; my mantra for running is "toes, tits and teeth" it helps me as I think light on my toes, chest forward and have good posture, and smile because running makes me happy and I'm happy because I run.

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