Chilled Running

After three harder weeks, we're back to focusing on being relaxed on our runs this week.
If you haven't been doing the runs, want a workout and are stuck for ideas check out the previous sessions from the tag Training Sessions
If you haven't listened to it go back to the Tim Bransdon episode (EP 351), yes there is a podcast!
As before, if you feel yourself striking the ground, or hear your footsteps, then try to tread more lightly.
Notice which bits of you are in tension as you run imagine breathing into them and as you breathe out you're breathing out that tension, leaving yourself supple and relaxed.
As you run lightly with a spring in your stride simply lean forward and allow yourself to land more onto the middle or front of your foot and up your cadence.
Play with your pace, and experiment gently speeding up while keeping relaxed; I'm sure you'll be surprised how by being relaxed you can run faster for less effort.
You don't need to reinvent the wheel, just work on incremental changes to make your running less laboured
Do this as much as you can on your runs this week.…/10117622-ep-351………/bad-boy…/id1035709473…
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