Jeffing Run

You might have wondered when this would come up in the Training Sessions but here we are.
Tick off that Bingo Square with a Jeffing Run!
How do you start with the Run Walk method? No problem, either look at John Ghent's posts (in pretty much every group he's in across the internet) or have a Google and read for yourself.
It's not an exact science and needs experimentation to find what works for you. The ultimate goal is to mix in running and walking to get a quicker time overall than you would from just running.
As always with any form of interval run ease in and out of pace without making an abrupt start and stop to avoid injury.
I'm going in hard and ignoring all the sound advice out there with the hope I'll monumentally fuck it up! I'm having a go at the following:
Warm up. Nice and gently jog down to the canal path (probably about 5 minutes).
Run Walk section. 22 minutes. I'm going to run at my 5k or above effort for 2 minutes then walk, briskly, for 45 seconds and repeat.
Cool down. Shuffle back to my work, again for about 5 minutes.
If I don't go significantly over 5k on the run-walk section then I'm never doing this again; either way is a win!
If you want to be more sensible then:
check out episode 439: With Chris Twiggs read up on Jeff and his method on his site look up getting started at run walk on sites like this one
Don't forget to post your Bingo posts and let us know how you get on!

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