Sprint To Success!

This week in our Training Sessions we're focussing on anaerobic exercise.

Run anaerobically to build and maintain lean muscle and increase post-workout calorie burn.

Anaerobic means without oxygen so we want to run fast with rapid breathing. If you know your pace zones, and running on the flat, then aim for that pace or go to feel by how you breathe if you don't have anywhere flat enough.

The workout:
Total run time is 50 minutes.
Nice long 15-minute warm-up at an easy effort, as in previous sessions play with speed but keep the overall effort low. I'm targeting an average of 9:25 min/mi
7 sets of:
1 minute of anaerobic running, again I'm targeting 6:25 min/mi or faster
3 minutes of recovery, I'm going for 10:40 min/mi
Then a decent 10-minute cool down at the same average pace as the warm-up but keep nice and light on your feet.

Try to keep your form. The reps should be hard, focus on being light on your feet; getting slower doesn't matter as long as you're keeping the effort high.

As always there are a ton of resources out there, as a starter check out https://www.runbritain.com/training/runstronger/the-benefit-of-anaerobic-lactate-training

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