Dialing it In(tervals)

This weekend I had the pleasure of chatting to the UK's premier endurance coach about the complete lack of urgency any of you runners have to actually get any better at running. When she referred to people as "dialling it in" (e.g. doing the very least amount of work possible) on their interval sessions, I thought 'I know a group of people that would be GREAT at this!' Spoiler alert - it's you guys.

In this week's #trainingsessions it's back to intervals. And we want you to do them with little to no effort. Because doing that actually takes quite a lot of effort.

Warm-up at 12 minutes per mile
12 hard reps at 12 minutes per mile with an easy 12 minutes per mile recovery
Cool down at 12 minutes per mile

Yes, it's a rest week. Do the hard reps up a hill if you must.

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