Threshold running!

Lucky you! Two sessions in one on this week's Training Sessions!!
Building on the tempo session a few weeks ago this workout will increase longer high-intensity efforts. The effort is just that bit harder than the tempo effort staying around your lactate threshold.
Different pacing methods and points to focus on are below the workouts.

Workout 1
Total workout time 45 minutes
10min warm-up
3 sets of;
7min at threshold
2min recovery
10min cool down

Workout 2
Total workout 55 minutes
10min warm-up
2 sets of;
15min at threshold
5min recovery
10min cool down

Warm-up. Stay light, play a bit with pace but keep the overall effort below zone 3.
Threshold. This is right at the top of your tempo pace or zone 4. You should be breathing fast and hard.
Recovery. Keep recovery extremely light but aim to just about run and keep the recovery active, you want to get right back down to zone 2.
Cool down. Like the warm up keep in zone 3, it should still be a light run and not a walk/stagger to the finish…

Changing pace. It's really important to ease into pace changes, no abrupt stops or starts and keep your form and body relaxed.

Pacing. If you know your heartrate zones and have a reliable HRM then this is the best way to work to threshold. Experienced runners will know the feel of a threshold run, I use a breath to stride ratio which I covered before; look up the past training sessions for more info.

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