National Running Show

BBRC and BBR had a jolly lovely time (as usual) at the National Running Show in Birmingham in January 2023. As always the quality of the guests on stage was insane with Damian Hall talking it up fresh from winning The Spine, the fabulous Gary Robbins trying his best NOT to talk about Barkley, Sally McRae who was talking like a Californian and dressed like a gangsta she was that cold, Sabrina Verjee talking Wainwrights, Dean Karnazes who couldn't sit the F down and many more.

We had the pleasure of the Green Runners on the stand and doing shoe repairs during the breaks. All in all, it was rather wonderful and the team had a bunch of great conversations with potential new (cult) members. We managed not to come across as so weird it put anyone off.

David and Jody wanted to thank the whole stand team for giving up their time and doing such a great job. It takes some commitment to come along to the NEC and actually stand around handling what is a crazy-busy stand now that we have book signings.

BTW, the crayons went down a treat. It certainly gave BBRC members something to do between breaks. Thanks all and see you next year!

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