Tempo Reps

Returning to Tempo Reps in this training session.

This workout should improve your ability to maintain a moderate effort for longer by running at tempo for 5 sets of 8 minutes with 3 minutes recovery.

  • Warm up for 10 minutes in zone 2
  • 5 sets of:
  • 8 minutes of Tempo (zone 3) with 3 minutes recovery in zone 1
  • Cool down for 10 minutes in zone 2

A bit on pacing and zones…
I tend to run to heart rate or feel but if you are used to running to pace then go for it.

For tempo running your heart rate should be zone 3. For me, I'm looking for around 148bpm, my pace on the flat for this is around 7:55/mi, my zone 2 for warm-up and cool-down is around 9:25/mi and my zone 1 for recovery is around 10:40/mi

There are loads of basic calculators out there, working out heart rates and then seeing what they look like pace-wise is a good place to start. Here's an example one if you don't know where to look:

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