Downhill Reps!

(Down)hill Reps

In this week's training sessions, we're flipping the usual hill reps! Often people don't run confidently downhill or trash their quads so this session will improve your confidence and running form on the downhills!

Pick a hill, or at least a consistent incline, and run about 10 minutes beforehand to warm up.

Run up the climb don't go hard just keep a running form going (even if you feel like you are slower than you can walk).

Get to the top and run down as fast as you can and repeat. Try to look further down the hill to the bottom and not at the ground, lean forward into the run, don't take long strides and keep your cadence up. You shouldn't be putting on the brakes but just control the run by quickening your steps!

Keep it as simple as that, how many reps, how long the climb is up to you.

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