Test week (Lactate Threshold)

Exams this week in our training sessions!

This week Laurence went for fancy lactate threshold tests and am sure he'd be happy to share his findings in the Facebook group.

If you have a suitable garmin and a strap on heart rate monitor then you can do your own (Laurence also did it too to see how it compared). It's supposed to take 15-20 minutes.

If you haven't got the kit then you can repeat our cooper/12 minute test from earlier in the year or run it for the first time.

Plan a flat route then select run on the watch then hold menu.
Select Training > Lactate Threshold Guided Test.
Start the timer, and follow the on-screen instructions.
The device displays each step duration, the target, and current heart rate data. A message appears when the test is complete.
After you complete the guided test, stop the timer and save the activity.
If this is your first lactate threshold estimate, the device prompts you to update your heart rate zones based on your lactate threshold heart rate. For each additional lactate threshold estimate, the device prompts you to accept or decline the estimate.

See how you get on and share your feedback here!

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