Press Ups!

With club legend Jenny leading the way this week in our training sessions is all about press ups!

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If you can't do regular press ups work with some incline or do knee press ups. (there are always negative press ups too, see the end for info on these).

Do as many as you can this week. If you're going for regular ones focus on strength and control, take your time but do them properly.

Want something a bit more juicy? No problem; here is a list of increasingly more challenging press ups types:

  • Diamonds. like normal ones, place your hands on the ground with thumbs together and index fingers together, making a diamond shape. These will work your triceps, shoulders and chest.
  • Declines. raise your feet, the higher they are the harder the press up.
  • Spidermans. as you go down bring a knee up the outside to your elbow on the same side, alternate sides with each rep.
  • Knees to elbows. like spidermans, bring your knee in on the inside to the opposing elbow.
  • Sphinx. from a normal position press up and down by bending your elbows so only your forearm is moving

I almost forgot about negative press ups!! With these focus on going down, hold a normal press up position and lower down with control then let your knees touch the floor and raise to a kneeling position and then start again.

With any of these, you'll find a ton of examples online but you may have to hold the vom in as you type in push up into the search box...

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