Tired Leg Intervals

This week in our Training Sessions we're looking at training on tired legs; running harder when tired is useful at the end of a race for a strong finish.

Also let us focus on parkrun, it'll be a great way to get prepped for the intervals. If you don't fancy the training this week pop to a parkrun and let us know how it went and how you brought shame on the club!

Warm up and race a 5k! Look to go at 90-95% of your 5k effort and at the end jog it out for at least 5 minutes but vary your pace, keep warm and ready for the intervals:

Run 3 sets of;

  • 3 minutes tempo with 90 seconds recovery
  • 45 seconds hard with 30 seconds recovery
  • 30 seconds all out
  • Recovery for 60 seconds and go again.

Cool down for at least 5 minutes coming to a gentle stop.

This weekend I'm running The Yorkshire Marathon so I will be just running the parkrun bit. Dunc, Andy and Tim are also running the Marathon, we've all run it together before but that time we were dressed as vikings and strapped into a 40 person costume of a Viking boat made out of scaffolding pipes. We ran a parkrun in Leeds together last time the day before so hoping to run one in the Viking outfits again on Saturday.

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