Back to Basics

Try to include three of the basic run types in this week in your training:

  • The Easy Run
  • A Tempo Run
  • The Progression Run


Build endurance, focus on running form and build a base mileage while maintaining recovery with your easy run.

If you train by heart rate aim to stay under zone 2, you really need to make sure you keep running aerobically; breathing should be nice and easy and conversation should be almost as easy as walking.

A lot of people think the easy run and long run are one ance the same but it's important to have them at shorter distances within your training week.


These tempo runs will increase your lactate threshold, which is where you switch from running aerobic or anerobically. This run should be comfortably hard.

Pacing this should be somewhere towards the top of a Zone 3 heart rate or where you can only talk in short sentences.

Tempo runs can be done in one run in a fixed pace but intervals can be more beneficial.

We've loads of tempo runs in past training sessions but if you want an easy one to take off the shelf here you go; warm up then run 3 x 15-minute intervals with 8 minutes recovery in-between.


These are really simple and the name is a giveaway; gradually increase your pace throughout the run i.e. start slowly and finish quickly.

For a simple progressive run split the distance into thirds; eg 15 minutes easy, 15 minutes steady and 15 minutes hard.

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