Frequently Asked Questions

A continual work in progress for truth, freedom and the BBRC (Bad Boy Running Club) way. Send anything you want to know and we will treat it with the love and care you would expect from Homelander if his humanity was removed...

Hopefully these will answer the most frequently asked questions, kind of like what it says in the name of the page. Funny that eh?

What is BBRC?

BBRC was born out of the global need for a real running club, one that would cater to those of all abilities, one that would fund Jody's penchant for hiring expensive assassins to take out people who make punctuation errors on Facebook. Alternatively, you could view it as an offshoot of the highly successful Bad Boy Running Podcast, which some have referred to as the greatest source of running information since Ben Johnson's autobiography and a font of knowledge on a par with the Oracle of Tunbridge Wells.

We have members who run a lot, members who run short and fast, some who run long and slow, and some who don't run at all. In other words, anyone can join.

Read more on the main page. Our ethos is "You can dick around, but don’t be a dick"

What does the Club do?

The Club is a genuine English Athletics affiliated club, isn't that just a bit crazy?? So like any running club, it runs a range of events, and activities for its members as well as (we hope) providing a community for like-minded people who have some vague attraction to running. For example, we have:
  • A BBRC Facebook Group
  • Strava Group - More exclusive than the podcast one, better? Maybe?
  • Free club place(s) to the VLM - some people may have joined BBRC as crunching the numbers showed this was as good a way as any at a shot at the opportunity in 2020 to run a virtual race on your own on one of the rainiest days of the year - SUCKERS
  • Occasional badly organised running events - more of these to come I'm sure.  Some may involve actual real running, but all will be super fun.  We positively encourage club members to organise events and provide club funding to do so.

Is there a podcast?

Not here, you are in the wrong place. Try - The Bad Boy Running Podcast - come back and explain the difference to me

What membership levels are there?

In a structure so simple that even David can understand it we have 4 different types of membership - Social or Legendary with either being combined with the ability to be EA registered and get £2 off many race entries and call yourself a real athlete. EA even send you a membership card.
Legendary gets more and super exciting BBRC branded tat stuff. The items are stunning and you will be the envy of everyone you ever meet.
Join here at the "How to Join" page - go on do it!!

Can I be a member if I live outside the UK?

Yes, but not EA affiliated levels. We may also need to charge you more for postage

My membership pack has not arrived, what do I do?

I think Duncan wrote the following, I can't be bothered to edit it. Just email him 5-6 times a day until he responds. Alternatively, we can send you his address and mobile number so you can stand outside his house texting until he comes out to speak to you*
"items are sent out at the beginning of each month by recorded delivery which may mean you have to wait up to a month for your pack to arrive. We will check to see if the address you have given corresponds to the address it was sent to, and whether the item has been signed for. If your address has been inputted into the portal incorrectly, or it has been returned to us because it was undeliverable then you will be charged an extra fee for it to be resent. If someone who is not yourself has signed for it then unfortunately we are unable to send another pack to you. If the post office have lost it then we will arrange for a new pack to be sent to you straight away. Email to report that your pack has not turned up.
* - please don't do this

How do I renew?

Club membership will renew automatically via Paypal unless you cancel your Paypal payment beforehand

Can I change my membership level when I renew?

Yes, we will assist you in doing this.  You will need to email the Club Secretary before your renewal and they can change the system and send you a revised invoice for subs.

I have moved home, do I need to inform you?

Obviously.....please log in to the members area of the website to change the address

When do I get to meet David & Jody

Look you strange Fanboi, they really are not worth it. If you must, then please attend the AGM where you can meet a whole range of the great and the good of the BBRC world. If you are really unlucky you may get to touch them.

Can I buy a new vest/t.shirt

OMG OF COURSE YOU CAN. This is what pays for my addiction to hamster food and buying gold for World Of Warcraft from some 12-year old running a multimillion-dollar farming empire out of China. Please follow this link for All the merch. You will need to be a member to log in.

Who do I contact regarding my membership

You need to contact in a very polite manner the Club Secretary -

Who do I contact regarding welfare?

Contact Chris on Hopefully, nobody will need to do this but if you do, do.

Who do I contact to make a complaint?

Hopefully, you won't need to but if you do then please complain politely in writing to the Club Secretary -
Should your complaint be about them then try another one of the Officers
I'm assuming there may be a mechanism to complain to England Athletics. You can Google that.

How do you keep my data

Strangely, we have done this bit properly and you can read all about it here - Data protection Privacy Policy