How To Join

Registration is pretty simple and you get massive kudos from every other person in the world when you join. We are working on getting members a shed load of discounts, plus you get a nice little welcome pack no matter what level of membership you choose. We would tell you what’s in the pack, but if we did that, we’d have to kill you.

You can choose to be affiliated or non-affiliated and the pricing structure reflects this. You can choose to buy a vest or not buy a vest. Unless you sign up as legendary – then you automatically get one. Sorry about that. We promise not to make you wear it when competing at Little Jimmy’s sports day (but we know you will).

If you fancy joining the BBR podcast Facebook group click here and we are also on Instagram here. As a member, you'll also get access to our super exclusive BBRC Facebook group.

About Affiliation

Affiliated Membership runs from April year to year, in line with the England Athletics membership calendar. It's a ball-ache, but that's the way they roll. For this reason, anyone joining BBRC as an affiliated member BEFORE April will not be affiliated with EA UNTIL April the following year. This way it does mean that you will then be affiliated for the full year; that's a full 12 months. YAY!

If BBRC is your first claim club, and you wish to become affiliated immediately for the rest of the current year, that's cool, but it will cost you an extra £16. You can pay for instant affiliation in the member's section once you have signed up.

Sorry, it's so complicated, but we want you wonderful people to get the most bang for your buck.

If you are already registered with England Athletics and would like to transfer your 'first claim' affiliation to us you will need to log in to your myATHLETICS portal and from there start the Club Transfer process. Second-claim members should join as Social Members and let our Membership Secretary know.

International Membership

If you are joining from outside the UK welcome and we are sorry about everything. We would love to have you join us and we would love to send you the same welcome pack that our UK members get but it costs a little extra money. Once you have entered we will contact you to discuss shipping costs in a grown-up way.

Membership Options

Social Member

£15 - One year's Social Membership

Hate getting money off races? Don't plan to enter any? Are you tight as a badger's bumhole? Are you just doing this because you feel sorry for us?

Social membership is for you - A BASIC PACKAGE FOR BASIC BIT*HES

Become part of the club and access membership pages, benefits and exclusive club kit and merch. We might send you something in the post.

Affiliated Member

£30 - One year's Affiliated Membership

Affiliated... sounds a bit like afflicted doesn't it? Everybody dies, it's a known fact, but you could die £2 a race richer. That's a saving of £4 a year for some people!


Exactly the same as Social membership but with England Athletics Affiliation and all the benefits that come with it!

Legendary Affiliated Member

£50 - One year of Legendary Affiliated Membership

Chances are, if you've got this far, you already think you're a legend. Well you're not. But you are just a few clicks away from the Pandora's box of running.

In the words of White Goodman, we're better than you; and we know it.

All of the perks and quirks of affiliated membership plus a bumper membership pack that includes something we don't talk vest included!

Legendary Non-Affiliated Member

£40 - One year of Legendary Membership, no affiliation

Everything that we said over there except for the affiliated bit. Great if you want to join as second claim.
Basically all the gear, no idea.

You’ll get something rad in the post every year and this level is perfect for second claim people stuck in the political nightmare of a club system that they just know they can’t leave. Like cheating on your partner but “OK” cheating on your partner with presents. A really good option for international BBR fans!

Managing Your Membership

Membership is pretty straightforward. Once you've chosen one of the membership options above and clicked on one of the PayPal buttons you'll be taken to PayPal to set up the appropriate subscription. After you complete the PayPal checkout you'll be redirected back to our site to fill in your registration details.

You'll have access to the site for one year from the time of sign up and, if you don't do anything, the PayPal subscription will renew your membership and access to the site.

If you want to cancel it's simple; all you need to do is cancel the PayPal subscription. This will cancel future payments and stop your membership from renewing. You'll still have access to the site and we'll still register you with England Athletics for the next April. Obviously, if any of this is a problem just let us know!

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